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Substrate Preparation

Floor prep and substrate remedial work can often become a very significant part of a project’s over all cost and completion timeline. Robertson Floors has over 25 years experience in providing clients with every extent of floor preparation. We offer fair and competitive pricing while respecting schedules and often finding ways to complete twice as much work within the originally allotted time frame.

We own a complete line of floor prep equipment including shot blast machines, scarifying machines, and large mixers for massive dry pack or projects. Robertson Floors employs only the most skilled installers to ensure the prep work is done properly resulting in a finished product of the utmost quality.

By hiring one contractor to handle both substrate remedial work and the flooring installation there is precious time and money saved through continuity. Our customers do not have to oversee separate flooring trades who may not agree on methods or quality standards. We take this stress out of the equation as we know exactly how to proceed making our own repairs while respecting both customer budget and timing.

Key Benefits

  • full line of machinery available
  • excellent service provided to malls, landlords, and/or general contractors needing to perform remedial work to units prior to handing over to tenants
  • fixed and variable pricing is available
  • the ability to remove and dispose of existing floor finishes allows us to perform significant renovation projects with little or no involvement from general contractors
  • we offer a full line of anti-fracture and water-proof membranes, drainage mats, expansion joints etc
  • supply and installation of new subfloors
  • site visits available upon request long before flooring is to actually be installed in order to communicate on budgets and avoid last minute scheduling conflicts or extra costs.
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