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Floors laid in industrial environments are often subjected to extremes in terms of wear and tear. Truck damage, impacts from heavy objects, friction, abrasion and chemical attacks are common in many industries. Acrylicon has qualities that deliver long-term durability, no matter where the floor is installed.

Acrylicon is extremely resistant to chemicals, detergents, oil, liquids and other spillages. If refurbishments or repairs become necessary, Acrylicon’s unique chemical bonding properties mean that old and new Acrylicon coatings fuse together to create a new compact and monolithic surface, without risking delamination or the need to remove the old with all the attendant dust, noise and disruption associated with conventional systems. Even after years of wear and tear.

Acrylicon’s properties equip it to deliver long-term durability in the harshest of industrial environments and important cost-saving longevity. An Acrylicon floor will have lasted longer than conventional industrial flooring systems because of it’s high compressive strength, resistance to wear and slip and exceptional performance in adverse conditions.

When it comes to specifying flooring for heavy industrial applications it is vital to weigh up the potential costs of down-time if the toughest and most durable solution isn’t used. When it comes to industrial flooring Acrylicon is demonstratably tougher, longer lasting and the most cost-effective option.

Acrylicon is available in a wide range of colours to meet any requirements. Different areas can have different colours and therefore colour coding for traffic areas is available to improve traffic ergonomics. Acrylicon has shown an extreme resistance to ageing and discolouration due to UV attack. This ensures that the aesthetic qualities of the floor are guaranteed for the long term. In many work areas safety is an important issue, and slip-resistance is a necessity. The Acrylicon surface can be provided with a variety of slip resistance textures to suit most environments.

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