Victoria's Secret – Robson St. – Vancouver, BC
In 2013 Robertson Floors successfully completed Victoria's Secret massive 30,000 SF flagship store in downtown Vancouver. Robertson Floors was involved in the project from the budgeting stage all the way through to the projects successful, and on time turn over and opening. Below is a summary of some of the key points, challenges, and intricacies of the project:

Tile, Slab, & Brick Veneer Works:

  • Prep: Prior to installation of the moisture sensitive natural stone tile Robertson Floors had to shot blast the substrate, install a moisture barrier, place approx. 1,000 bags of premium fast curing self-leveler, then install crack isolation membrane.
  • Natural Stone Tile Installation (7,500 SF): Because of the stones sensitivity to moisture the 18”x18”x3/4” ‘Rosso Levanto’ polished marble tile had to be installed with 100% solids epoxy mortar.  Also incorporated into the field ‘Rosso Levanto’ tile were multiple patterned inlays using black and white polished marble tile.  In order to account for variations between the drawing and actual site dimensions Robertson staff assisted the client in re-configuring these patterned inlays.  Furthermore, to account for differences in thicknesses between the various tiles which were installed around one another in a checkerboard pattern with a border Robertson used a specialty clip system which required a high level of skill from our installers given the tile was all being installed with epoxy mortar.
  • Porcelain Tile Installation (2,500 SF): Throughout the washrooms and other BOH areas Robertson installed various types of porcelain tile.
  • Slab Works / Custom Stair Case: The grand stair case connecting the two sales area floors was a significant design element and showpiece for Victoria’s Secret.  Robertson Floors was responsible for receiving, storing, fabricating, shipping to site, and installing the solid slabs of stone to the dual, spiraled stair case including a custom, fan shaped top landing.  Each stair consisted of a solid riser, custom accent detail at top of each riser, and the treads in which Robertson also supplied and installed the custom stainless steel nosing pieces installed within.  In addition to this scope the raw slab materials were shipped in polished form.  Victoria’s Secret requested that the materials be made honed so this was also done by Robertson Floors off site.  Once installed the design team requested that the top landing be returned to a polished finish so Robertson used specialized equipment and techniques to polish the stone on site after it was already installed right before the store opening without damaging or dirtying the surrounding finishes.
  • Brick Veneer Works (1,500 SF): In addition to the extensive stone and tile scope of work being done on a condensed schedule Robertson took on the brick veneer installation which involved first installing a panel system in which the brick was then installed to.